Kirstin Mosher

Coordinator, Academic Services and Student Systems

Kirstin Mosher Kirstin Mosher

BSC (Dalhousie)

Kirstin graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology in 2007. Alongside her studies at Dalhousie, Kirstin worked as a student staff member at the Dalhousie Registrar’s Office and quickly realized a passion for helping other students. This led to continued work in the Registrar’s Office upon graduating. During her 10 years at the Dalhousie Registrar’s Office, she gained experience in many facets of student service including front-line inquiries, transfer credits, letter of permission, academic records, convocation, admissions and student information systems. Kirstin is delighted to now be a member of the Academic Services Team at the King’s Registrar’s Office supporting and advising our students. Alongside her work in student services, Kirstin is a proud mother of one sweet little girl and enjoys living on our beautiful coast. Her love of the ocean has not waned and she continues to be deeply interested in our marine world. Kirstin is also life-long reader, singer and lover of the Arts.