Kirstin Mosher

Kirstin Mosher

Coordinator, Academic Services and Student Systems

Kirstin Mosher Kirstin Mosher

BSC (Dalhousie)

After graduating high school, I chose to pursue my love of the ocean and marine life and came to Dalhousie in September of 2003. I enjoyed my studies and graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology in 2007.

As a student, I struggled to know my degree purpose and career direction, felt self-imposed pressure to be a high performer and experienced frequent anxiety. I did not feel confident enough, or equipped with information on how, to reach out for help and struggled to feel connected.  However, part-way through my degree I applied for and received a role as a student staff member at the Dalhousie Registrar’s Office. I learned so much so quickly and saw the value of the information and support that Registrar’s Offices could provide and share with students.

I realized a passion for helping students navigate their academic options and locate the resources and services they need to support them in achieving and balancing their personal and academic goals. I also valued being there to assist with problem solving when academic challenges occur. This led to continued work in the Dalhousie Registrar’s Office upon graduating and 10 years with the Dalhousie Registrar’s Office. I moved to King’s in 2018 and became a member of Academic Services at the King’s Registrar’s Office.  My passion for student service and helping others has not waned and I am proud to be part of a team that is here to support and advise students at King’s.

How Can I Help:  As an academic advisor and provider of academic services at King’s, I can help with:

  • Course selection, scheduling and registration
  • Navigating degree options and pathways
  • Understanding degree requirements and where to go for departmental advising
  • Guidance and support with academic processes like waivers/appeals, grading policies, academic dates, withdrawals, confirmation letters, academic standing, letters of permission, transcripts, honours forms and parchments
  • Questions about academic events like Matriculation and Encaenia
  • Information on and direction or referral to other academic, student life and health/wellness supports and services

Hobbies: singing, reading, board games, travelling, escapes to beaches and the ocean, camping, time with family and my 3 cats

How I identify: wife, mother, sister, daughter and aunt, white, cis-gender female, able-bodied

Pronouns: she, her, hers