Mika Coderre

Junior Don, Angel's Roost

Mika Coderre Mika Coderre

Pronouns: she/her

Mika Coderre a third year undergrad at University of Kings College. She completed her FYP year in 2019/2020, and plans to pursue a masters degree in museum curatorship. She is from Connecticut, US, with family in both Ottawa and Washington DC.

She has had extensive work experience volunteering in libraries and creating programming for youth. She has a serious music career, having performed at Lincoln center, and ACDA nationals, and is currently singing with Paul Halley at UKC’s Chapel choir, and local church St David’s. She is a self-trained artist, who enjoys crafting, visual arts, and performing arts.

She’s spent a lot of time exploring the city by foot, and looks forward to helping incoming students explore all that Halifax and King’s has to offer!