Nafisa Ahmed Abdulhamid

Nafisa Ahmed Abdulhamid

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Nafisa Ahmed Abdulhamid Nafisa Ahmed Abdulhamid

BA, MA (Alberta) PhD Candidate (Dalhousie)

 Nafisa A. Abdulhamid is a second year PhD student in Political Science at Dalhousie University. She moved to Halifax from Edmonton, Alberta last summer and made the University of King’s College her new home. Nafisa has lived in residence for seven years and worked as a Resident Assistant (RA) for International House at the University of Alberta between August 2013 and April 2014.

Nafisa was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya to a Yemeni father and an Indian mother. She moved to Edmonton when she was 18 to pursue and complete both her Bachelor of Arts (honours) and Master of Arts degrees in Political Science at the University of Alberta. Nafisa speaks five languages and loves being around the ocean.

Despite being professionally rooted in Canada, Nafisa maintains strong connections with her community in Mombasa. Before moving to Edmonton, Nafisa worked with a local hospital to establish a clinic in the outskirts of Mombasa, which administers de-working medication to primary school students, and educates rural families on the importance of hygiene and proper sanitation. Nafisa is also a strong advocate for the pursuit of female education in her community in Mombasa. She works closely with local NGOs to survey and deliver primary school textbooks to rural schools around the city, and facilitates workshops for young girls that guide them through college application processes for universities in Kenya and abroad.