Science and technology have a living history. Historians of science effect change in scientific methodology, spread awareness of technological problems and possibilities, and influence the way that science is legislated. Our faculty members, alumni and current students are doing vital research in the history and philosophy of science over a wide variety of topics.

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University of King's College

History of Science and Technology Society

‘HOSTSOC’ is the student society of the History of Science and Technology program at the University of King’s College. Students promote interest in the History of Science with events, and Tooth and Claw, an academic journal of their work.

HOST Alumni Profiles

"I want to be able to have conversations with the public and have that responsibility to make myself understood."

Haritha Popuri
Haritha Popuri

Master's in Theatre and Performance Studies, York University, History of Science and Technology, 2014

"Science is a human activity, done by human beings, who are very complicated and who inhabit networks of power, technology, and politics that make their way into the content of their scientific work."

Stephanie Dick
Stephanie Dick

Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows, History of Science and Technology, 2007

"You see one perspective, one reality, and you say ‘Yes’. Then you go to another one and you say ‘Yes, and…Yes, and..’ Documentary is wonderful because you can follow this story unfolding in front of you."

Ariel Nasr
Ariel Nasr

Filmmaker, History of Science and Technology, 2005