Liberal Arts Champion - Thomas More Institute

Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities

Description of the nature of the organization

TMI is a secular, nonprofit, liberal arts institution with the mission of providing university-level courses designed for the advancement of adults and encouraging a public interest and participation in adult education. The primary activity of TMI is the development and delivery of liberal arts seminars that are designed and led by volunteers. The Institute’s core values are curiosity, openness, and intellectual community. As a registered charity, TMI shoulders responsibility for ensuring that all Montrealers have access to the myriad benefits provided by practicing the liberal arts, which is the motivation for our Seniors Outreach Program, which delivers original liberal arts seminars at numerous seniors’ centres and residences. Recently, TMI launched the Canadian Liberal Arts Association, which exists to support and promote the liberal arts in Canada, primarily by cultivating trust, goodwill, and cooperation between and among the varied actors in Canada’s liberal arts ecosystem and by articulating and propagating positive narratives about the value of the liberal arts.

Job title

Liberal Arts Champion

Description of the fellowship

TMI’s Liberal Arts Champion (“LAC”) will work with TMI’s Academic Director (“AD”) in direct support of the Canadian Liberal Arts Association (“CLAA”) and its mission.

Professional fluency in both English and French will be essential.

During this particular fellowship, the LAC’s primary responsibility will be to work with the AD to research the benefits (economic, professional, psychological, civic, etc.) of studying the liberal arts and humanities, with an eye to articulating three targeted cases for engagement and support. One for students, one for professionals, one for seniors. This project will culminate in the production and distribution of six pamphlets, one in English and one in French for each case. The LAC will also work on mapping Canada’s liberal arts ecosystem in order to identify appropriate partners with whom the pamphlets may be shared. During his/her tenure at TMI, the LAC will support the planning and execution of other CLAA initiatives and activities, as need arises.


The Thomas More Institute is located in Montreal, Quebec. The fellowship can be done remotely.

To apply

You application should consist of a resume, cover letter, your B00# and the names of at least two references (one of which should be academic). For the references, you do not need to ask for a letter at this time, but you should ask your referee’s permission if you send their name.

Submit your application to Jonathan Powers at by Thursday, June 18, 2020.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.