Contemporary Studies

Contemporary Studies

University of King's College

The ideas that shape the contemporary world are constantly changing. What does it really mean to be postmodern, and have we ever been modern? In the Contemporary Studies Programme, you’ll study the works of contemporary writers, thinkers and artists in relation to the fundamental themes and concerns of our time. Examine the most important debates in modern social and political thought. Challenge the supposed dichotomy of science and culture. Discover the 20th-century thinkers and writers who have questioned fundamental concepts of Western philosophy.

Combined Honours

A CSP student is required to take the programme’s three core courses (CTMP 2000.06, 3000.06 and 4000.06), plus at least two half-credit CSP electives.

The requirements for the second honours subject are dependent on that department, and vary from programme to programme.


You can take a minor in CSP to complement your degree. Understand the contemporary world by choosing from a wide range of courses in the areas of social and political thought, science and culture, and aesthetics, literature and literary theory, and film.

Complete a minimum of 18 credit hours to a maximum of 27 credit hours including:

  • Completion of one of the “core” courses: CTMP 2000.06, CTMP 3000.06 or CTMP 4000.06.
  • Completion of one full credit at the 3000 or 4000 level (CTMP 3000.06 or CTMP 4000.06 will also fulfill this requirement).
  • Completion of one full credit (or two half credits) at the 2000 level or above.

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