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King's and Dalhousie campuses will close at 7 p.m. on Friday, September 23 due to Hurricane Fiona: this closure will remain in effect until at least Sunday morning at 8 a.m. An update will be shared prior to that time on the status of campus operations for Sunday and Monday.

University of King's College

Through our academic affiliation with Dalhousie University, King’s students have over 90 international exchange options to explore. Most of Dalhousie’s university-wide exchange or study abroad opportunities are open to King’s students. There are also a number of departmental exchange programs that a King’s student may qualify for.

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King’s Honours Programs

CTMP 3610/GERM 3610 | Memory, Politics, Place: Berlin’s 20th Century

This month-long, 6-credit hour course provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the themes of collective memory, public space, and historical trauma in Germany’s capital city. Through daily seminars, site-visits, flânerie, and museum tours, you will gain an extensive knowledge of the ethical, aesthetic, and public struggle to take responsibility for history, in a city that is both freighted with the past and alive to the future.

Instructor: Dr. Sarah Clift,

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EMSP 2510 | Early Modern Art, Literature, and Politics in Florence, Italy

Taught entirely on site in Florence, Italy, this month-long, full-credit (6 credit hours) course provides a unique opportunity for students to consider the art, literature, philosophy, and politics of Early Modern Italy (1280-1580) through daily visits to the city’s churches, palaces, and museums. Students will gain a profound knowledge of the civic, ecclesiastical, and domestic spheres of Renaissance life through an interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary objects, spaces, and texts.

Instructor: Dr. Justina Spencer,

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