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Through our academic affiliation with Dalhousie University, King’s students have over 90 international exchange options to explore. Most of Dalhousie’s university-wide exchange or study abroad opportunities are open to King’s students. There are also a number of departmental exchange programs that a King’s student may qualify for.

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King’s Honours Programs

CTMP 3610/GERM 3610 | Memory, Politics, Place: Berlin’s 20th Century

This month-long, 6-credit hour course provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the themes of collective memory, public space, and historical trauma in Germany’s capital city. Through daily seminars, site-visits, flânerie, and museum tours, you will gain an extensive knowledge of the ethical, aesthetic, and public struggle to take responsibility for history, in a city that is both freighted with the past and alive to the future.

Instructor: Dr. Sarah Clift,

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EMSP 2510 | Early Modern Art, Literature, and Politics in Florence, Italy

Taught entirely on site in Florence, Italy, this month-long, full-credit (6 credit hours) course provides a unique opportunity for students to consider the art, literature, philosophy, and politics of Early Modern Italy (1280-1580) through daily visits to the city’s churches, palaces, and museums. Students will gain a profound knowledge of the civic, ecclesiastical, and domestic spheres of Renaissance life through an interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary objects, spaces, and texts.

Instructor: Dr. Justina Spencer,

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