Chapel Fall Retreat

Alan Hall

on ‘Brokenness and Celebration’

The Chapel will hold a Fall retreat from Oct. 25- 27 at Mersey River Chalets, near Kejimkujik National Park. A contemplative retreat held in the beauty of the Nova Scotian backcountry in autumn and embraced by the daily singing of the Monastic Offices. Alan Hall of St Thomas University (Fredericton) will lead a series of talks on the relationship between brokenness and celebration, punctuated by periods of silence, with discussion opened by respondents. Retreatants can also enjoy the outdoors canoeing, hiking, or simply relaxing in nature.

Anyone who wishes to come on the retreat will need to submit a form and waiver. Registration forms are available at the back of the Chapel. They must be filled out and returned to Stephanie Boudreau at the A&A front desk by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 23. Contact Madelaine Wheeler ( if you have any questions. Details can be found on the chapel website.