King’s Honours Programs

King's Honours Programs

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The University of King’s College offers three interdisciplinary humanities-based honours programs for upper-year students, which involve a higher level of specialization in your primary area of study than a typical major. Pursuing an honours degree is a great way to engage deeply with your interests and keep a door open for graduate or professional programs.

In Early Modern Studies, you’ll consider how many of the fundamental ideas about our world today were shaped centuries ago.

In Contemporary Studies, you’ll study constantly changing ideas that shape the contemporary world.

In the History of Science and Technology, you’ll study how science and technology infuse every aspect of modern life.

Early Modern Studies

Early Modern Studies

Contemporary Studies

History of Science and Technology

History of Science and Technology

Each of these programs leads to a combined honours degree, meaning it must be combined, or paired, with one of the programs offered by King’s and Dalhousie’s shared faculties of Science and Arts & Social Sciences. You can also take a minor in each honours program to complement your degree.

In your final year of an honours degree, you complete a research project, sometimes called a thesis. You work closely with your faculty advisor who helps you select a thesis topic that interests you and oversees your work.

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