Payments Guide

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The following is a step-by-step guide to paying application fees, making an admissions deposit. checking your tuition balance, paying fees, downloading your tuition tax receipt and accessing financial information.

Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 due dates

September 18, 2019 – Fees due for fall term

January 17, 2020– Fees due for winter term

Late fees of $50.00 and 6% interest charges will automatically be applied on overdue accounts.

Check your tuition balance &/or obtain a statement

Current balance:

  1. Go to Web for Students.
  2. Log in using your NetID and select the Web for Student option from the first menu. Click Registration.
  3. Click Select Term and choose the current academic term.
  4. Click Registration Fee Assessment to view your fees. Note: without this step, your fee account will not be accurate or up-to-date.
  5. Return to Web for Students by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  6. Select Student Records and then Account Summary by Term. Look at the amount owing within the “Account Balance” line item.


  1. Complete #5-6 noted above, then:
  2. Click on ‘Statement and Payment History’ at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the current term from the drop down list beside ‘Select Statement Date’.
  4. View Statement.

Pay Application Fee

King’s students may pay all of their fees at the Student Accounts Office. Application fees and admissions deposits may also be paid online using the Dalhousie Student Accounts website.

Don’t worry! As you navigate the payment process, you will be able to direct your payment to the University of King’s College.

Note: Please print these instructions so that you can be confident you paid the fee correctly.

Go to Student Accounts.

  1. Enter the student/reference number provided (B00_ _ _ _ _ _) along with the other requested information.
  2. Click on Next.
  3. Select Application Fees.
  4. Select the King’s Application Fee that applies to you.
  5. Select Applicable term.
  6. Click Submit Fee.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Enter the required information and click Submit.

You will receive a receipt number. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to process your payment.

For students who decide to cancel their application to the university, the full application fee will be forfeited.

Important notice: Application fees and admission/residence deposits cannot be paid by online banking.

Pay admissions deposit fee

If you are a new student, information about paying this deposit, along with several other helpful steps, can be found on the Next Steps for Accepted Students page.

If you are a returning student, please go to Student Accounts to pay your admissions deposit fee.

Pay residence application fee and deposit

  1. Go to Student Accounts.
  2. Enter the student number provided on your letter of acceptance (B00_ _ _ _ _ _) along with the other requested information.
  3. Click on the Add to Cart link.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select King’s College – All Payments and Deposits.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select the required residence fee (application fee or residence confirmation deposit). Click Continue.
  7. Click Checkout Cart link.
  8. Enter the required information and click Submit.

You will receive a receipt number. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to process your payment.

For students who decide to cancel their residence admission to the university, the full deposit will be forfeited.

Important notice: Application fees and admission/residence deposits cannot be paid by online banking.

While you can pay your residence application fee and deposit by credit card, note that King’s and Dalhousie universities do not accept payment by credit card for tuition and residence fees.

Pay tuition and residence fees

Payment methods

Methods of payment include debit card, cheque, money order, bank draft, cash and online banking.

King’s and Dalhousie universities do not accept payment by credit card for tuition fees and residence fees.

King’s students applying for Canada Student Loans and Provincial Loans must have the loans made out to The University of King’s College as the official institution.

If you plan to pay for tuition and residence fees by cheque, only one cheque is required.

Internet banking is currently set up with TD, CIBC, BMO, RBC, Scotiabank and the Credit Union and done as a direct bill payment setup with one’s personal bank account. Please use the following information:

Add Payee*: The University of Kings College

Account: Student ID Number (B00******)

Amount: Amount you wish to pay

*Since each bank is different, it is best to search ‘University’ to locate us in the bank.

NOTE: King’s and Dalhousie do not accept Interac e-mail money transfers.

Students are encouraged to check their student account balance as all payments are the sole responsibility of the student.

To avoid the $50.00 late fees and interest, all tuition and fees and, if applicable, residence costs, must be paid in full by the term due date.

Interest is 6% a year.

University of King’s College has joined the program as a participating institution. With this new partnership, students (or their parents or grandparents) are able to convert Aeroplan Miles and/or TD Points into funds to help cover tuition fees.

International students

International students can use GlobalPay to pay in their home currency.

Students who make a payment with a U.S. cheque will have the foreign exchange posted to their student account and it is the student’s responsibility to check his or her balance.

Senior citizens

Those who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, 65 years of age or over at the time of registration and are enrolled in an undergraduate non-professional degree program, may be eligible for a senior citizen waiver. This waives only the tuition portion of the fees, the student must pay the incidental fees. The student must notify the Student Accounts Office to have the waiver initiated on or before the term due date.


Course withdrawal

Students are encouraged to refer to Dalhousie University’s current refund schedule before dropping an arts, science, music or journalism course. One-Year Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Journalism students also follow the Dalhousie refund schedule for courses. Journalism workshops, and the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction each have their own separate refund schedule.

Account credits

An account credit will be refunded to the student by request only to the King’s Student Accounts Office, either in person or from the student’s official university email address. Refunds for account credits are processed once every two weeks.


A credit of fees will be granted upon receipt of written withdrawal notification in the Registrar’s Office. Once approved, the calculation of the credit is based on the date of the withdrawal notification and the current term schedule. All Master’s students follow the withdrawal policies outlined in the Dalhousie Graduate Studies calendar.

Students in residence are expected to remain in residence for the whole of the academic year. A student who withdraws from residence during the academic year will still be responsible for the balance of the residence fees unless an acceptable replacement is found. Students who receive a tuition credit based on compassionate or medical grounds may be released from their obligation for residence fees for the remainder of term, at the discretion of the Dean of Students. A medical note must be provided within 30 days of withdrawal from residence.

Fall 2018/Winter 2019 due date

September 18, 2019 – Fees due for fall term – Last day for complete refund for undergraduate courses

January 17, 2020– Fees due for winter term – Last day for complete refund for undergraduate courses

Late fees and interest charges will automatically be applied on overdue accounts.

Your refund schedule will depend on your program. Consult the refund schedule for details.

Download your tuition tax receipt (T2202)

  1. Log into Web for Students.
  2. Enter your NetID and password.
  3. Click on Canadian Tax Receipts.
  4. Click on T2202.
  5. Click on the appropriate tax year, then choose from the following options:
    1. View data: this is not an official receipt and is for information purposes only.
    2. Printable form: make this selection only if you are ready to print an official receipt.

If you have forgotten your NetID or password, you can contact the Dalhousie Help Desk at 1.800.869.3931 or 1.902.494.2376. For further assistance, please email:

Access financial information

Parents and others often ask Student Accounts to disclose financial information about a student’s account so that they can make accurate tuition payments.

Our policy is to protect the confidentiality of all information pertaining to our students, including all their detailed financial records and account balances on their student account.

If you wish to grant permission for financial information to be released to a third party (such as a parent) Student Accounts requires you to send an e-mail from your official university e-mail account to: Please include your name and Banner ID and the name and email address of the third party, individuals or organizations you are authorizing. Privacy Release Forms [PDF] are also accepted from the student, in person only, at the King’s Student Accounts Office. Please note that Student Accounts will not initiate contact with a third party. The authorization will remain active until you contact our office to have it removed.

Sharlene Salter

Student Accounts Officer, Bursar's Office | 902 422-1271 ext. 116

M-F: 9:00AM - 4:00 PM