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In accordance with public health advice, and to be consistent with decisions made by Dalhousie, all athletic facilities are now closed to the King’s community and our public rental groups and community members. As with all of our decisions relating to COVID-19, we will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will reassess this decision at a future date when it becomes safe to re-open.

Please continue referring to our COVID-19 resource page for updates.

The King’s experience is found in more than just great books. It’s also found in the mud and the sweat, the bond with your teammates, and the thrill of the game. It’s found in working your body as you hone your mind.

King’s is a community in which students are encouraged to develop all sides of themselves: intellectual, spiritual, artistic and physical. The Athletics Department offers many options for students who want to take part in athletics after high school.

If you’re a serious athlete, you’ll find varsity sports opportunities in soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and badminton. If you want to stay fit and play recreationally, you can play a number of intramural sports through King’s and Dalhousie, and have access to the athletic facilities at both universities including the Dalplex.

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