Next Steps

You’ve applied to King’s – what’s next?

If you haven’t already, apply for scholarships as well. Our major scholarships deadline is January 15.

About our admissions process

Our admission averages vary from year to year, depending on the applicant pool. The admission average also changes throughout the admissions cycle as positions in our limited enrolment programmes become available.

In recent years, our required early fall admission average for arts and science programmes, including FYP, has been set at 85%, with our required regular early admission average being set at 82%. Typically we are able to eventually extend offers to those applicants with an admission average of 75% or higher.

You’ve been accepted to King’s – what’s next?

  1. Confirm your offer of admission.
  2. Connect with us on social media.
  3. Activate your accounts.
  4. Apply for residence:
    1. Fill out the application.
    2. Go to the Registration page to pay the $50 residence application fee and $400 deposit.
    3. Find residence fee information.
    4. Get your questions answered around what to bring to residence, dining options, and more.
  5. Apply for scholarships.
  6. Update us with your final marks. Once you successfully complete your academic year (maintain a standing that satisfies King’s’ final admission requirements), make sure your school sends your official transcript to King’s as soon as possible. One-Year Bachelor of Journalism students are required to submit a final copy of all official university or college transcripts before the program starts in September.
    Registrar’s Office
    University of King’s College
    6350 Coburg Road
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    B3H 2A1
    Note: If your final admission average or your grade in any required class drops below our minimum requirement, please contact us immediately for upgrading advice.
  7. Set up any accessibility or academic accommodations. King’s and Dalhousie share the goal of providing an accessible environment. Here are some resources:
  8. Register for Classes. Registration opens for new students in mid-June. If you have been admitted to the Foundation Year Programme a spot will be held for you, but you will still have to register for the lecture and make other choices, such as selecting a tutorial time and your elective(s). Journalism students will have a spot reserved in JOUR 1001 – The Foundations of Journalism as well. We recommend registering as soon as possible to ensure your spot in elective classes. If you are a transfer or CEGEP student or you are in AP or IB classes, you may be eligible for transfer credit. Course selection & registration.
  9. Confirmation of Enrolment. Log in to your Dal Online account, click Web for Students/Student Records/Confirmation of Enrolment and then click on the appropriate term.