Residence & Meal Plan

Browse the residence options and the meal plans available to student’s at the University of King’s College. To get an idea of the cost of your year at King’s, use the tuition calculator.


2022/23 Residence options

Room Style

Fall (Due 16 Sept 2022)

Winter (Due 20 Jan 2023)


Single – Alexandra Hall$3,852$3,852$7,704
Single- Alexandra Hall Small$3,724$3,724$7,448
Single – Angels’ Roost$3,852$3,852$7,704
Single – Bays (4th floor)$3,981$3,980$7,961
Single – Bays (non-4th floor)$3,852$3,852$7,704
Single – Bays (small)$3,724$3,724$7,448
Single – Cochran$3,865$3,864$7,729
Double – Alexandra Hall$3,468$3,467$6,935
Double – Bays$3,596$3,595$7,191
Double – Cochran$3,491$3,491$6,982

Other residence costs

Caution deposit (refundable)$300$0$300
Gown deposit ($90 refundable)$100$0$100

In addition to the above fees, residence students must participate in one of the on-campus meal plan options.

2022/23 Residence Meal Plan options

If you live in a residence at King’s, you must have a King’s residence meal plan. You may choose from four meal plan options. (King’s Day Students can also purchase a King’s residence meal plan by emailing the King’s Student Accounts Office.

Plan + Dining Dollars




7 Day All Day Dining$150$2,259$2,259$4,668
5 Day All Day Dining$100$2,162$2,161$4,423
14 Meals per week$75$1,891$1,890$3,856
10 Meals per week$75$1,782$1,781$3,638

5 Day All Day Dining is Monday-Friday only.

Dining Dollars

All residence meal plans have dining dollars attached to them. Dining dollars are funds that can be used throughout the academic school year to purchase food beyond the meal plan.  Dining dollars will be attached to the cost of the meal plan in the fall term and will begin the first day after the fall term due date. Dining dollars can be used at Chartwells’ (Food Service Provider) vendor locations: Tim Horton’s, Bento Sushi and Passage to India all located within the Dalhousie Student Union Building as well as King’s Prince Hall dining area. Please contact Chartwells directly for more information. Unused dining dollars cannot be carried forward beyond the end of the residence contract date and will be forfeited at that time.  For students who arrive after the fall term due date, dining dollars will be attached to the cost of the meal plan upon their arrival and for use within 2 business days.

Changing your Meal Plan

You can change your meal plan by emailing the King’s Student Accounts Office from your university email account. For the fall term, emails received prior to September 9, 2022 will be applied retroactively to the first day of residence. For emails received between September 9 and September 16, 2022, the change will take effect on the day the email is received by the Student Accounts Office. While you can upgrade your meal plan at any time during the academic year, the deadline to downgrade your meal plan for the academic year is September 16, 2022 by 4 p.m. ADT. Corresponding meal plan dining dollars are mandatory and start September 17, 2022. Meal plan changes will be processed within 2 business days. (New admits to residence in the winter term (Jan.-Apr.) who wish to downgrade their meal plan must do so by January 20, 2023.)  Changes to one’s meal plan that results in an amount owing must be paid in full by the term due date, for changes made after this date, full payment is due the date of the requested change.  Outstanding accounts will be subjected to late fees and interest charges.