A shared academic and residential community

Residence is more than just a convenient place to live. It is a community of thinkers who are involved in a shared academic experience.

The majority of King’s students live in residence during their first year of study and enrol in the Foundation Year Program. Life in our residences is intentionally structured around FYP, which encourages students to think together about the ideas contained in the primary texts they are reading.

We also welcome NSCAD students to live in residence and share in our academic community.

Our dons are on–campus residents who have off–campus jobs and lives outside of “the Quad”, but like you the College is their home. The Dean of Students, and the President also live on campus: everyone ‘lives’ here, and we all get to know one another. Even for students who commute daily, the campus still functions as a whole community, where we live and work together.

In Prince Hall, Dining services is committed not only to providing students, staff, and faculty with great food, but to being a core part of the vibrant and bustling King’s community.

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