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Returning Student Scholarships

Returning Student Scholarships

Scholarships are available after your first year of study.

In addition to entrance scholarships, financial support and scholarships are available to students who are returning to King’s as well. Transfer students are eligible for these scholarships after they have completed a full year of study at King’s.


In-course scholarships

King’s has a strong commitment to providing in-course scholarships based on university-level achievement. If you achieve scholarship standing, you’ll automatically be considered for scholarships at the end of each academic year. Amounts will vary, but normally range from $2,250 to $5,000, and are provided through gifts, bequests and endowments, as well as from the college’s operating funds. You will be notified of any in-course scholarship you have been awarded during the summer and it will be reflected on your statement.

The John Godfrey Travelling Scholarship

This scholarship supports King’s students who are pursuing education or development projects in a developing country, or helps students from developing countries attend King’s. A total of $3,900 is available to be awarded each year. To be considered for this award, apply by writing to the King’s registrar before March 15. The letter of application should include a description of your intended activities in relation to a developing country.

Study/Work International Fund (SWIF)

The Study/Work International Fund (SWIF) provides funding to King’s students in financial need who wish to undertake an international placement as part of their academic program. Students should apply at least one month (preferably four to six weeks) prior to departure to allow enough time for review and processing.  Read more about SWIF here.

Frederick Butler Scholarship 

(One award at $1,750)  Established by the Alumni Association from G. Frederick Butler’s bequest.

Dr. Marion Fry Bursary

($2,200 can be given out as a single award or divided into separate awards) Established in 1993 to honour Dr. Marion Fry’s contribution to the university and the Alumni Association during her term as university president (1987-1993).

Alumni Association Memorial Bursary Fund

($1,200 for a number of small bursaries) This award is intended to provide a number of small bursaries for students registered full-time at King’s who are in need of financial support.

Library Hunt Fund 

(Allocated for book purchases up to $1,100) For 34 years, Dr. T. H. Hunt was the Alexandra Professor of Divinity at King’s College. In memory of his dedicated service, the Alumni Association established a library fund in his honour.

E. Mabel Mason Memorial Bursary

($950 can be given out as a single award or divided into separate awards) This award was established in 1937 in memory of E. Mabel Mason and is awarded each year to a female student.

For Information on Returning Student Scholarships

Catherine Read

Assistant Registrar – Institutional Research and Awards, Registrar's Office

awards@ukings.ca | 902 422-1271 ext. 193

Alumni Association Awards

The King’s Alumni Association is committed to financially supporting students and their activities to enhance their overall experience at King’s. The Alumni Association is pleased to recognize students who work hard academically and contribute to the life of the College.

2023/2024 Alumni Association Student Awards

Applications for the Alumni Association’s Student Awards for 2023/2024 are now closed.

Michael Elliott Awards

(Two awards of $1,150) These awards are to be made to returning students in good academic standing, who display integrity of character, a spirited concern for the lives of others and who have made an all-around contribution to university life.

Sandra MacLeod Award

(Two awards of $2,300, one annual and one renewable) These awards are made to a student in any year of his or her degree with a good scholastic record, who by the fullest use of his or her qualities of character and mind, make a contribution to the University of King’s College. One award is given on an annual basis while the other is renewable up to three years. Recipients of the renewable Sandra McLeod award must re-apply each year.

New Brunswick Award

(One award at $800) The award is to be given to a student from New Brunswick in good academic standing and who has contributed to university life. Preference will be given to students entering second year.

Michael Saunders Award 

(One award of $600) The award is to be given to a returning student from New Brunswick with a satisfactory academic standing, who shows financial need and who has made a positive commitment and contribution to University of King’s College life. If there are a number of qualified applicants, preference may be given to a student entering Holy Orders of the Anglican Church of Canada.

J. Mark DeWolf Award

(One award of $250) Established in honour of J. Mark DeWolf, BA(Hons)’68, President of the KTS 1966-1967, this award recognizes a King’s student who has made an outstanding contribution to the King’s Theatrical Society.

John Godfrey Book Award 

(One award of $100 credit to King’s Co-op Bookstore) The award will be given to a journalism student in either program who has made a significant contribution to the School of Journalism at King’s.

The Alumni Association also adjudicates the following on behalf of the college:

Beaver Club Award

(One award of $2,100) The award is given to a returning King’s student who, like members of the Beaver Club, has achieved above average academic standing, made a significant contribution to extra-curricular activities, and enhanced the quality of life at King’s.

King’s Bookstore Co-op Award

(One award of $200 credit to King’s Co-op Bookstore) The Award will be given to a returning student who takes social action on behalf of the King’s community. The spirit of the Award is to support a student who has a sincere interest in and has demonstrated initiative to bettering campus life for all.

For information on Alumni Association Awards

Kimberly Gosse

Alumni Relations Manager, Advancement Office

kimberly.gosse@ukings.ca |

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Awards for graduating students

Students who are graduating from King’s and pursuing further studies have several funding options, through King’s and from external sources.

M. Grace Wambolt Law Study Award

This award is given to a student graduating from King’s who is accepted to study law at Dalhousie Law School or Oxford University. The president and faculty of King’s choose the recipient on the basis of the student’s academic merit, leadership capacity, and any required admission test score.

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External funding for further study

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Students who are graduating from King’s and planning to do graduate work in the social sciences or humanities may apply for funding through SSHRC.

The Rhodes Scholarship, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and the McCall MacBain Scholarship

King’s encourages academically talented and well-rounded final-year students to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and the McCall MacBain Scholarship. Learn more about Major External Postgraduate Awards.