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Public Humanities Undergraduate Fellowships

Public Humanities Undergraduate Fellowships

About the King’s Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities

These fellowships offer current King’s students and partnering organizations and businesses the opportunity to work together during summer placements. Students apply to receive targeted workplace experience offered between their first and final years. Partner organizations and businesses gain an unparalleled opportunity to work with students to mutually discover what a humanities perspective can bring to a workplace.

Funding for King’s Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities is generously provided through a gift from BMO Financial Group.

What the fellowships offer students

A humanities education has never been more salient. With the new public humanities fellowships, King’s undergraduate students have the opportunity to experience summer work terms focused on relevant areas of interest. Students selected through a competitive process will receive a fellowship grant of $5,000 for an eight to 10- week placement. Students must be currently enrolled in, or have taken, the Foundation Year Program to be eligible to apply. These fellowships will allow students to draw a meaningful connection between the classroom and the world around them.

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The King’s undergraduate humanities fellowships are

  • Experiential and Immersive: Providing successful recipients with targeted work experiences, of eight to 10 weeks, offered between their first and final years.
  • Focused: With summer placement options organized by relevant areas of interest such as “Innovation and Culture,” “The Arts and Community,” “Public Policy and Social Development,” and “Business and the Non-Profit Sector: Partnering to Build Community.”
  • Diversified: These could be local, national, and international opportunities to work with a variety of organizations, including charities and NGOs, corporations, government, community development agencies, social enterprises, and small businesses.
  • Measurable: Evaluating learning and contribution through qualitative and quantitative methods for both student and employer.

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What the fellowships offer employers

A King’s degree opens paths and journeys to all corners of the world, and in all fields. If you are an employer who values students who possess humanities skills and aptitudes and wish to provide a work-term experience for a student, consider applying as an employer to the King’s Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities. This is an unparalleled opportunity to provide a defining experience for a student at King’s.

Participating organizations will be expected to engage the student with placements that will be beneficial for all parties. In turn, this fellowship will provide organizations with students who are creative thinkers and eloquent communicators.

An education at King’s means our students move nimbly between disciplines, resulting in thinkers who embrace big ideas and understand the human dimensions of our technology-driven world.

King’s will facilitate the process of selecting fellows, of receiving organizational applications for the placements, and of matching successful organizations with successful fellows.

Each fellowship will be valued at $5,000 per student, per summer of eight to 10- weeks. King’s will transfer funds to organizations, and organizations will in turn pay students.

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King’s Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities - Student Application

The deadline to apply for summer 2020 placement is March 23, 2020.

Please note: The fellowship does not currently cover travel or accommodation costs.

King’s Undergraduate Fellowships in Public Humanities - Employer Application

The deadline to apply for summer 2020 placement is March 23, 2020.

Please note: King’s will provide benefits to students and health insurance.