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With more than 11,000 alumni across North America and beyond, it has never been easier to connect with your fellow King’s alumni. To find out more about our programming for alumni, keep an eye on our event calendar, and to find alumni in your area or to reconnect with us, please contact Kimberly Gosse.

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Alumni Association

Active since 1846, the University of King’s College Alumni Association is the oldest in Canada, and has members throughout Canada, the United States and around the world. Through social and educational event programming, the Alumni Association provides alumni with countless ways to reconnect, learn and share.

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Awards & Recognition

Each year, the University of King’s College Alumni Association presents awards to nominated graduates who have excelled, achieved or contributed significantly in some way through their volunteer leadership, expertise or philanthropic activities. King’s graduates work tirelessly to effect change in their communities and across the globe, distinguishing themselves as engaged citizens. We recognize the efforts of some of our outstanding alumni through the Judge J. Elliott Hudson Distinguished Alumni Award, The Order of the Ancient Commoner and the Meraki Kudos Young Alumni Achievement Award.

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King’s community

The King’s alumni community is spread across the globe and includes individuals working in virtually any field you can imagine.

What unites them? An awareness of their place in history, the drive for deeper understanding, a curious mind, enterprising nature and the motivation to make the world a better place.

Through telling the unique stories of King’s graduates we hope to inspire other alumni as well as our current and prospective students.

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Ask an Alum

Through our Ask an Alum program, recent alumni, and current or prospective King’s students can connect with graduates to learn about career development and the real-life experience of entering the workforce. We will connect you with an alum who can provide information, advice and next steps to assist you, whether you’re applying to graduate school, moving to a new city or starting your own business.

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