About King's

King’s is a small and extraordinarily lively academic community located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, known nationally and internationally for its interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and journalism.

Intentional Community

King’s is a gathering of peers, faculty, alumni and staff whose values and thinking bring greater understanding, creativity, and compassion to the world. The King’s experience spills into every aspect of life on and off campus.


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Unique Academic Offerings

Most postsecondary institutions teach using the historic division of subjects into separate disciplines. At King’s, we have eliminated these traditional separations, focusing instead on the ways they interact and overlap. King’s provides a sustaining and adaptive education built on an immersive way of learning. Explore King’s programs.

King's and Dalhousie

Because we are academically intertwined with our neighbour, Dalhousie University, you will have access to King’s and Dalhousie’s combined resources. Choose from more than 2,500 courses, 60+ degree options, and over 98 exchange programs. Learn more about our partnership with Dalhousie.

Passion for Learning

We ask our students to think critically and deeply about how things were done in the past, how things are done elsewhere, and how those lessons can be applied to today’s world. Discussions flow effortlessly and take you to unexpected places. Connections are made in classrooms, corridors and social spaces. From these shared experiences comes a supportive and engaged community where academic pursuits blend with a vibrant campus life. Discover King’s Student Life.

Rich History

The university has a rich history and maintains many of its old academic traditions, including Formal Meals, societies founded in the 19th century and Matriculation and Encaenia ceremonies. The combination of these traditions with the forward looking innovations of students and faculty makes for a stimulating intellectual environment. Learn more about King’s History.