The MFA in Fiction is a limited-residency program, with one nine-day June residency and a six-day January residency each year. Students will pursue independent writing and research in the interim, in collaboration with a project mentor. Students are free to live anywhere in these interim periods.


The nine-day June residencies are focused on the crafts of structure, research and writing. They aim to develop a strong narrative focus and scope for your work. The residency is an intensive learning experience comprised of morning sessions with mentors; afternoon lectures, Q&As and guest lectures; and evening sessions featuring student, faculty and guest readings.


The six-day January residencies are focused on the business of writing and developing the skills necessary to be a working writer in nonfiction. Students will meet with literary agents, editors and publishers, and learn crucial skills such as developing marketing plans for their book. In addition, they will meet with their mentors to continue development of their book manuscript.


During the fall and winter semesters, students work with a mentor to make progress on their book manuscript. They will establish a contract of deliverables with their mentors to be reviewed and updated each fall and winter session. Students will have a variety of mentors over the course of the program. Mentors are assigned to help students develop specific skills vital to the progress of their project.



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Students cover travel, meal and accommodation costs themselves for the summer residencies. These expenses are not covered by tuition. If you are in need of accommodation during the summer residency, contact King’s Conference Services.

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