Enjoy a rich academic experience at King's with the renowned Foundation Year Program (FYP), our interdisciplinary Honours Programs, the School of Journalism, Writing & Publishing or multiple degree options in Arts & Humanities, Science, and Music offered jointly with Dalhousie University.

FYP Foundation Year Program

A year that changes your life.

Bachelor of Arts

Begin your degree with FYP Arts and then specialize in:

Canadian Studies • Cinema & Media Studies • Classics • Contemporary Studies • Costume Studies • Creative Writing • Early Modern Studies • English • Environment, Sustainability and Society • European Studies • French • Gender and Women’s Studies • German • History • History of Science and Technology • International Development Studies • Law, Justice and Society • Music • Philosophy • Political Science • Religious Studies • Russian Studies • Sociology and Social Anthropology • Spanish • Technical Theatre • Theatre • Theatre – Acting • Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Journalism (Honours)

Begin with FYP Journalism and pursue a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours).

At King’s, you aren’t a ‘student journalist’—you’re simply a journalist. You’re part of a working team, breaking news, streaming interviews and publishing multimedia features. In our renowned Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) program, you gain experience telling engaging, fact-based stories. You learn to ask ethical and probing questions, research deeply and write with flair and precision. You become a clearer thinker who can discern fact from opinion, ambiguity or falsehood.

Bachelor of Science

Begin your degree with FYP Science and then specialize in:

Actuarial Science • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology • Biology • Chemistry • Earth Sciences • Economics • Environment, Sustainability and Society • Environmental Science • Marine Biology • Mathematics • Microbiology and Immunology • Neuroscience • Ocean Sciences • Physics & Atmospheric Sciences • Psychology • Statistics

Bachelor of Music

Begin with FYP Music and pursue a Bachelor of Music specializing in:

General studies • Composition • Musicology • Performance. There are many instruments you can specialize in, including: Voice • Oboe • Guitar • Clarinet • Piano • Bassoon • Organ • Saxophone • Violin • French Horn • Cello • Trumpet • Double Bass • Trombone • Flute • Tuba

King's Honours Programs

King’s unique interdisciplinary programs allow you to engage more deeply with the questions that arise from FYP. Explore the History of Science and Technology, Early Modern Studies and Contemporary Studies.

One-Year Bachelor of Journalism

Learn It. Do It. Share It. You’re curious about the world around you, eager to explore issues that matter and driven to tell stories. You already have an undergraduate degree. Now you want a journalism career. King’s one-year Bachelor of Journalism builds upon your broad undergraduate education to give you the professional skills to become a working journalist in a collaborative environment. You’ll gain practical, ethical and technical knowledge to thrive in the digital media environment. You’ll participate in hands-on workshops to tell stories in text, images, audio and video. No experience in journalism is required.

Master of Journalism

Gain the skills to inquire deeply into topics that matter to you. And the ability to tell those important, evidence-based stories to others.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction

We’ve got your book. Whether you are a mid-career writer, a journalist, or an aspiring author, King’s MFA is designed for you. Bring us your idea for a narrative nonfiction book, a collection of essays, or a biography or memoir and we can help you turn it into a manuscript that’s on the road to publication.

Master of Fine Arts in Fiction

Imagine your book—with us! Where is your imagination taking you? Whether the story you want to tell is a mystery or thriller, science fiction or fantasy, romance or historical, or a more current tale, King’s MFA in Fiction will help you bring your imagined world to life on the page. Bring us your idea for a fictional book, and we’ll work with you to turn it into a manuscript that’s on the road to publication.