Night FYP Lecture Series

An Evening with Mozart’s Don Giovanni

with Dr. Roberta Barker and Singers

Born in the Renaissance courts of Europe, opera was one of the most widely popular art forms of the Age of Reason. Its marriage of music, drama, dance, and the visual arts allowed it to express philosophical and social ideals while also offering spectacular entertainment to a wide range of audience members. In this ‘Night FYP’ event, six expert musicians—including beloved FYP superstars Elisabeth Stones and Neil Robertson—will share stunning arias, duets, and ensembles from one of the greatest of with all eighteenth-century operas, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Don Juan; 1787). Alongside the performances, Roberta Barker will offer background and commentary on this tragicomic masterpiece, which has been seen variously as one of the last great artworks of the Enlightenment and as one of the first examples of Sturm und Drang in opera. Please join us at the President’s Lodge for this scintillating and seductive night of music!