Reporting the voiceless: Stories from the margins

Patricia Evangelista

Documentary and long-form multimedia journalist with the Philippine online publication,

Evangelista will discuss her experiences in covering the various underreported issues in the Philippines, the implications for those in the margins, the challenges, and efforts to bring to light the difficult and unpopular stories. Her discussion will also underline the significant role media play as a social conscience and one that influences public policy and action in mainstreaming marginalized issues.  She asks, “In a time when human rights and other fundamental freedoms in the Philippines are under the spotlight, what should journalists do to responsibly communicate the stories of those in the margins?”

About Patricia Evangelista

Patricia Evangelista an internally award winning journalist is the 2019 Marshall McLuhan Fellow, Philippines. Her reporting of armed conflict as well as the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan received the Agence France-Presse Kate Webb Prize for exceptional journalism in dangerous conditions. She is a recipient of two New York Festivals medals for her documentary work. Her recent work for Rappler on the drug war in the Philippines has received the Human Rights Press Award, three Society of Publishers in Asia awards for Excellence in Feature Writing, Investigative Reporting and Human Rights Reporting. She is currently completing a non-fiction book on the Philippine drug war.

She is a fellow of the South East Asian Press Alliance, the Dart Center Ochberg International Fellowship for Trauma, and the 2018 Logan Nonfiction Fellowship at the Carey Institute for Global Good.