New Committee To Aid Board of Governors With Financial Planning

New Committee To Aid Board of Governors With Financial Planning

The following memo is written by Dr. John Hamm, Chair of the King’s Board of Governors, and was distributed last week to the King’s community.

Dear members of the King’s Community:

As most of you know, King’s, like all other universities in Canada, is facing a number of financial challenges over the next few years.  These challenges are caused, for the most part, by factors external to King’s (e.g. reductions in government funding, declining returns on investments, government imposed caps on tuition).
In response to the financial challenges, the Board of Governors has created a Financial Sustainability Committee for the University.  The Committee is tasked with informing itself and the King’s community about the challenges facing us, consulting broadly with the community as to how such challenges should be met, and bringing recommendations to the Board that will enable it to determine a sustainable financial plan to support the University overall.
The members of the Committee, which will be chaired by the President, are as follows:
Katrina Beach (Treasurer of the University)
Kiki Wood (Student and former KSU President)
Daniel Brandes (Director, FYP)
Fred Vallance-Jones (Professor, Journalism)
George Cooper (former King’s Board Chair)
Dale Godsoe (Member, Board of Governors)
Clay Coveyduck (Member, Board Finance Committee)
Graham McGillivray (Alumni Member)

In order to support the work of the Committee, and to inform the King’s community in general, a fair amount of information regarding the university’s financial situation has been posted on the following webpage: http://myweb.dal.ca/gr324816/

It may be updated from time to time and additional information may be provided as needed.  Any updates will be clearly indicated as such.  The King’s annual financial statements can also be found here:  https://ukings.ca/policies-public-documents

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank the members of the Committee for agreeing to serve, and I look forward to their consultations with the King’s community and their recommendations to the Board.

Yours truly,

John Hamm
Board of Governors
University of King’s College

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