William Stewart’s film selected for Cannes Film Festival

William Stewart's film selected for Cannes Film Festival

William Stewart (BA ’09) graduated from King’s with an English degree and then pursued an MA in film and TV directing at the University of Westminster, London.  Only 11 students were accepted onto the course and he was the only Canadian. He graduated in 2012 with distinction.

Now he has achieved a new distinction. His film ‘Touch’ has been accepted into the Short Film Corner at this year’s Festival de Cannes.

The Short Film Corner falls under the Court Metrage section of the Cannes festival.  Films are selected by a jury to be part of the corner.  “It essentially it serves as a place where short film producers and directors present their films, make meetings a reality and take decisive steps for their future careers,” explains William. It is an honour in itself because films are submitted and chosen by the festival committee. Those selected for the corner have an opportunity to participate in numerous events, seminars, workshops, round tables, etc. The films are screened all day.

‘Touch’ has been submitted to the Atlantic Film Festival, along with two other films William directed in 2012. It has also been submitted to Raindance Film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival, and London Film Festival.

William produced ‘Touch’ for the MA directing course at Westminster under the mentorship of two-time BAFTA winner Asif Kapadia.

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