Luke Franklin

Faculty Fellow

Luke Franklin Luke Franklin

Luke is a scholar of 20th century English-language poetry and poetics, especially modernism and contemporary writing. He has a BA from Dal/King’s and an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. His MPhil thesis was on points of intersection between James Joyce’s writing and the visual arts. He has been a don of residence at King’s, and served as the interim assistant dean of students in 2020. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, at work on a book about Charles Olson’s Melville scholarship and what it means to ‘read to write’.  He’s received two grants from the University of Connecticut to work on Olson’s papers, and currently holds the 2020-2021 Charles Olson Award from Simon Fraser University. An example of his work on the materiality of Olson’s archival remains can be found here:

Franklin, L. Like Melville on the Leaf of Shakespeare? Olson’s annotations to Ace of Pentacles, by John Wieners. Humanities 2019, 8, 115.

Other interests include linguistic thought and language history; Marx, especially Capital; and Gadamer’s hermeneutic thought. Outside of scholarship, he likes walking, bicycling, and basketball.