Maggie Rahr

Instructor (Part-time)

Maggie Rahr Maggie Rahr

Maggie Rahr (they/them) is an award-winning freelance investigative journalist and host of “CARRIE LOW VS.”, a CBC podcast that chronicles Carrie Low, a sexual assault survivor who claims the police botched their investigation of the crime, only leading to further trauma in the process.

Over the years, Maggie has been in an unlikely position: the reporter survivors turn to when justice can’t be found within the institutions designed to receive them.

Rahr’s reporting provides an opportunity to examine how the media itself is complicit in the failure to accurately, and humanely convey the ravages of sexual violence. They developed a system of reporting built on a foundation of consent, respect and safety, and fought to protect their sources working across many different platforms.

As writer, reporter and host of the podcast “What Happened to Holly Bartlett”, Rahr investigated the death of a young blind woman who was found in a locked compound below a bridge. Police deemed her death an accident. Rahr’s work found otherwise.

Rahr is the winner of several Atlantic Journalism Awards, and has been nationally and internationally recognized. In 2022, Rahr was a finalist for the prestigious Landsberg Award by the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

Rahr lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with their two spirited and hilarious children.