Sara MacCallum

Sara MacCallum

Peer Advisor

Registrar's Office

| Peer Support

Sara MacCallum Sara MacCallum

I am a second-year student at King’s, currently taking classes in Journalism, English and Contemporary Studies. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, but I visited Nova Scotia many times before coming to King’s and I love it here in Halifax.

I started my time at King’s last year in FYP Journalism, which I really enjoyed. I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do for the rest of my degree, so I understand not being sure about what you want to study. There are so many options, and for me at least, choosing programs or classes can feel difficult or overwhelming. Through becoming a Peer Advisor, I’m learning that it is okay to take some time and get help to figure it all out.

Knowing what is happening on campus and sharing knowledge about events, programs and resources with other students is very important to me. There are so many opportunities available to students, but it’s not always easy to know what is out there and to find what you are looking for. I believe students are at our best when we have plenty of support and a well-rounded life in and out of class, and as a Peer Advisor I want to help other students find that balance.

Tip for success: Build a schedule that works for you. University allows you to customize your schedule, so I try to create a routine that lets me get my schoolwork done when and where I am most productive, and that leaves space for extracurriculars and rest.  If you don’t know what will work for you, try something and adjust your schedule later! In my experience, there’s always a way to make any situation work out.

Hobbies: Crocheting, reading, watching baseball and singing in the King’s Chorus.

Pronouns: she/her