Research Support Fund Report

University of King’s College
Indirect Cost of Research

Indirect Costs: the costs incurred by the University to support research that is not attributable to specific research projects. These costs are supported by a grant from the Research Support Fund (RSF).

These costs are incurred at the University of King’s College in two areas: (1) resources and (2) management and administration. The first, and major indirect cost of research is incurred in the acquisition of books, collections, periodicals and journals for the “History of Science, Technology and Medicine” database. This database is a major research project and its acquisitions, are the highest indirect cost the RSF supports. The second area in which the RSF assists is the administrative support necessary to maintain the database.

How the institution allocates its RSF Grant under each of the expenditure areas

Research Support Fund Pie Chart – 2020/21

Total Research Support Fund (RSF) at the University of King’s College in 2020/21: $69,300.00

Percentage covered by the RSF grant 100 %

Source: University of King’s College, Office of the President

Description of the impacts of the Research Support Fund at the institution

The general impact of the RSF at the University of King’s College has been the acquisition of books, periodicals, journals and other publications to support and maintain a significant academic database that aids the direct research of King’s faculty. More specifically, the RSF supports important areas of acquisition that would otherwise suffer under budgetary pressure. The focused acquisitions allow King’s to attract and support scholars who are teaching at King’s. The RSF supports greater retention of scholarly (some tenure-track) faculty and supports the success of the combined honours programs.
Furthermore, the RSF allows for the targeted support of a qualified staff member to oversee the administrative and managerial duties associated with the maintenance of the database and the integration of new acquisitions.