Auditing Courses

What does auditing a course mean?

When you audit a course, you are permitted to attend courses but not expected to prepare assignments, write papers, tests or examinations. Credit is not given nor is a mark awarded for audited courses. Courses appear on the transcript with the notation “AUD.” If not already admitted to the University, audit students must apply.

Students who have been admitted to a Faculty may audit many of the courses offered with the permission of the instructor. In the School of Journalism, workshop courses are not available for audit. Some Journalism courses in Lecture/Tutorial format may be available for auditing. Consult with the School of Journalism for details.

Registration for an audit is available from the first day of courses until the last day to add a course.

Fees for auditing a course

All students auditing a course pay one-half of the regular tuition fee for that course, plus auxiliary fees if applicable.

A student registered to audit a course who during the session wishes to change the registration to credit must receive approval from the Registrar and pay the difference in course fees plus a transfer fee of $25. This must be done on or before the last day for withdrawal without a “W,” as shown in the table of course Add/Drop Dates in the academic calendar. The same deadline applies for changing from credit to audit.

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