Undergraduate Scholarships

General entrance scholarships

Apply to King’s by March 1 to be automatically considered for a general entrance scholarship, valued between $500 and $3500:

  • 80-84.9%: $500

  • 85-89.9%: $2000

  • 90-94.9%: $2500

  • 95%+: $3500

Major entrance scholarships

King’s offers the following scholarships for which special applications are required:

Please see the award descriptions below for specific application forms and details. For all of the awards, please complete the following:

  • all application forms by January 15
  • a cover sheet and 3 copies of a 4 to 7-page high school essay* by January 15
  • your high school transcripts (by March 2)

* The essay you submit should be analytic or comparative in nature; it should create and defend a thesis statement. Please ensure your essay is well edited and represents a clear, effective argument.

Deadline: Postmarked by 15 January for the attention of:

Catherine Read
Awards and Information Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
6350 Coburg Road
Halifax, NS, B3H 2A1
Fax 902.425.8183

Dr. Carrie Best Scholarship

This award honours Dr. Carrie Best, the first African-Canadian publisher in Nova Scotia as well as an accomplished writer and human rights activist. Applicants of African-Canadian or Indigenous descent are eligible to apply for this award, valued at $5,000 a year and renewable for up to four years. To apply for the Dr. Carrie Best Scholarship, submit this application form with your application to King’s by January 15.

Harrison McCain Award

High school graduates in Canada are eligible for the Harrison McCain Award, valued at $4,000 a year and renewable for up to four years. To apply for the Harrison McCain Award, submit this application form with your King’s application by January 15.

Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships


These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, proven leadership skills, and involvement in school and/or community activities. Recipients will receive $17,000 in their first year of study and $11,000 in each of three subsequent years. Applicants must be Canadian citizens and be entering the Foundation Year Programme at the University of King’s College.

If the Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarship Committee judges any two or more scholarship applicants to be equally deserving, preference will be given to candidates living in the Atlantic Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island). Application forms will be available soon. To apply, please return a completed application form by January 15.

Colin Starnes Award

The University of King’s College offers this award in honour of past president Dr. Colin Starnes. It is awarded on academic merit and demonstrated financial need. Each year, this award is given to a deserving and capable Nova Scotian student who, without financial assistance, may not otherwise be able to attend King’s.

Foundation Year Programme applicants who graduate from high schools in Nova Scotia are eligible for the Colin Starnes Award, valued at full tuition plus incidental fees for the first year of study at King’s. It is non-renewable, but the recipient is automatically considered for in-course scholarships after first year. To apply for the Colin Starnes Award, please apply to King’s and submit this application form by January 15.

King’s Theatrical Society Award

The King’s Theatrical Society Award was created in recognition of the outstanding contribution of the King’s Theatrical Society to the King’s community. This award is for entering students who have demonstrated service and initiative within their local theatre community. Students with an average of 80% or higher are eligible.

There will be one award of $2,000 and three awards of $1,000, which may be awarded on their own or in combination with other entrance awards.

Application details

  • Apply for admission to King’s
  • Mail to the address below 3 copies of a theatre résumé and your letter of application. Please make sure these documents describe the following:
    • Your contribution to theatre in your school and/or community.
    • The challenges you have faced during your involvement with theatre and the ways in which you have responded to those challenges.
  • Please include your full name, address, date of birth, Banner student ID number (begins with B00 and was assigned to you when you applied for admission to King’s) and ‘KTS Award Application 2017’ on each of the documents you send to us.

Deadline: Postmarked by 15 January.

Other entrance scholarships

Entrance awards for US citizens

Please note: The following 2 awards are open to students with US citizenship (not US-Canadian dual citizenship). Both are renewable for up to 4 years, and you will automatically be considered based on the information you provide in your application.

Weldon Award

Named for for Susanna Weldon who donated her collection of over 300 pieces of pottery and porcelain to the university, this award is valued at $2,250 annually. As a result of Susanna Weldon’s donation, King’s has one of the oldest ceramics collections in Canada.

Mather Byles Award

Named for Mather Byles, the rector of Christ Church in Boston until the War of Independence, the Mather Byles Award is valued at $2,250 annually. After the war, Mather Byles moved to Halifax and served as chaplain to the garrison. This award acknowledges King’s historic link to the US through Columbia University in New York and the loyalists who left that institution to found King’s.

Choral and Organ Scholarships

Choral and organ scholarships for King’s and Dal students are awarded each year based on merit, as demonstrated during the student’s audition. These scholarships range from $400 to $4,000 per academic year.


Candidates should submit the following materials as soon as possible in the academic year prior to their entry at King’s/Dalhousie:

Choristers: A recording of you performing two pieces of sacred music along with a brief description of any previous choral experience.

Organists: A recording of you performing two organ pieces, including one by J.S. Bach, along with a brief description of previous organ experience. Based on the submitted materials, an in-person audition may be set up at a time that is mutually convenient, between September and July of the year prior to the candidate’s entry to King’s.

Recordings and accompanying material can be submitted electronically to Paul Halley with a copy to the choir manager, Vanessa Halley or by mail:

Paul Halley
Director of Music
University of King’s College
6350 Coburg Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 2A1.

Please note that recordings need not be professionally made; all that is required is a clear sound quality.


Catherine Read

Information and Awards Coordinator , Registrar's Office

catherine.read@ukings.ca | 902 422-1271 ext. 193