Order of the Ancient Commoner Member, Stephanie McGrath

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Stephanie McGrath, BJ(Hons)’99, is an innovator and a strategist who is more than willing to lend her time and expertise to the University of King’s College. Bringing skills from her time at Canoe, NATIONAL, and currently as Vice President of Strategy at VERB Interactive, Stephanie has volunteered her expertise and been instrumental in helping the University of King’s College plan and execute digital strategy. She has King’s stay on top—and in front of—trends while appreciating King’s history and traditions. Stephanie is responsive and generous with her considerable talents and brings fresh energy and perspective to the University of King’s College communication team whenever asked.

Stephanie gave back again to the university again when she took on the challenge of chairing the 2018 World Wide Alumni Celebration (WAC). In the spirit of reuniting alumni around the world, she provided communication advice and messaging for e-newsletters and emails encouraging alumni participation at WAC events. She will chair WAC once again in 2019. Stephanie also jumped at the chance to participate in Lunch in the Lodge with President Lahey, giving current students her insights into life after graduation.

Stephanie serves on the King’s Board of Governors and she has been a member of the Alumni Association Executive Committee since 2017. She is also member of the Advancement Committee.