Annual Giving Fund

Dear members of the King’s community,

The King’s community nears the conclusion of our fall term. It has been a challenging term, but a fulfilling one. After a year of online academic life and physical separation, our students and faculty have been in class together again with pervasive double vaccination and mask wearing. Matriculation also was in person, both for first-year students and many second-year students who wanted the physical experience they missed last year. Classics in the Quad and Formal Meal have each returned in glory, the Wardroom is again the gathering place it has always been and the Blue Devils are again competing and winning on field and court, with the women’s rugby team, after a decade without a win, astonishing everyone but themselves in making it to the finals and a silver medal. After an extensive Lodge hibernation, I am once more bringing graduates and students together over lunch, sharing the beauty of Nova Scotia with students and colleagues on my annual wilderness hike, and hosting dinners for first-year students.

It is simply grand to be back—or, as the KSU announced with their apt orientation theme, to be moving “onwards” together, in community. On reflection, we are immensely proud of what we achieved as a reluctant but determined online university, with your support and the creativity and perseverance of students, faculty, and staff. This year, we are thrilled to have the second-highest increase in enrolment in Atlantic Canada. This is thanks to an unprecedented twenty-percent jump in the Foundation Year Program, the steady increase of recent years in the number of students who are staying after FYP and the success of our MFA and MJ degrees. Although we take nothing for granted as Covid continues to evolve and persist, as the demand for education and the humanities and journalism slowly recovers and stabilizes, we face the future with confidence in our College, our strengthened association with Dalhousie and each other.

Your support continues to be crucial to our ability to provide the exceptional beginnings that lead to exceptional futures for arts, journalism, science, and music students for which we are famous, and the brilliant graduate programs for which we are becoming well known. I hope that today you will consider making a tax-deductible gift to King’s Annual Fund. Your donation will help to ensure we are the right university for students like Nick Harris, our 33rd Rhodes Scholar, who says he knows “that at King’s I’ll always have a home.” A successful Annual Fund appeal this year, supported by your gift today, will help a new generation of King’s students to step into a world of uncertainty, rapid change and huge challenges and opportunities, with the confidence Nick takes with him to Oxford, that their education at King’s and Dalhousie as King’s students has equipped them to thrive and to make a difference.

Annual Fund donations support the King’s experience

Underscored by the unwavering support of individuals like you, the Annual Fund is unique because it provides ongoing, flexible support to the King’s experience. When you give to the Annual Fund, you can allow King’s to direct your gift to the area of greatest need, you can support student financial awards or you can direct your gift to a particular area or program of King’s that is important to you.

Make a gift

The generosity of King’s alumni, parents and so many other friends of the college is a King’s tradition that benefits students and strengthens our community as a whole. Your gift not only supports the academic pursuits of today’s students, it enriches their campus experience and supports the continued celebration of many well-loved traditions, linking this generation of students to those who came before and to the generations of donors who support them.

Gifts of all sizes can and do make a difference to the future of King’s and to the success of our students. Please join me in making a donation to this important source of support for the King’s community. Your generosity ensures that the greatest number of students possible has access to the promise that a King’s education offers.

Yours truly,

William Lahey
President, University of King’s College

P.S. Please know you have giving options. You can give online at; or you may contact King’s Advancement Director Adriane Abbott at to make individual arrangements. Thanks again.