This course examines the intersections of science and colonialism, from Early Modern European colonization to today. Topics include: feminist, postcolonial, and Indigenous theories of science; how colonialism shapes science, and vice versa; and Indigenous and local resistance. This is not a course about Indigenous Knowledges, per se. This course is about how science—and the way we think about science—has been a force for and against colonialism. One theme of this course is the meanings and responsibilities of concepts including ‘anti-colonial,’ ‘decolonial,’ ‘postcolonial,’ especially as they relate to ‘science.’ Students in this course will collectively peer-review and publish an issue of the open-access course journal, Anti-Colonial Science: A course journal. Students will become familiar with academic publishing and learn the critical skills of writing, reviewing, and revising. In this way, students connect their engagement with the course material to their fellow students and our wider communities.