You can now sign up for the 2023 King’s Summer School in Data Journalism. This is the 15th anniversary of Canada’s best and longest-running data journalism training program and it will run from June 26 to 30.

You’ll learn the basics you need to find, understand, analyze and visualize data to find and tell important stories. The focus is on data literacy and basic analysis techniques using spreadsheet, database and visualization tools. This is the course you need if you’ve been wanting to get started with data journalism but don’t know where to begin. You’ll learn the basics of working with data, how to obtain data, prepare and clean it and find the patterns and trends that lead to stories.

All the information you need is available from our Summer Data School main page. Rates start at $495 for five days of training and increase after April 30.

We prefer payment by credit card, but will accept cheques. Please contact if you wish to pay by cheque.

Your spot will be reserved once you send the form and confirmed when your payment goes through (or the cheque has cleared). We will keep a waiting list once the school is full.

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