Join us April 25th at 7 p.m. ADT at the Halifax Public Library, Main branch for our MFA Book Club. April brings Suzanne Stewart, MFA’16, the author of The Tides of Time: A Nova Scotia Book of Seasons and April may just be the perfect time to indulge in your love of nature.

From Nimbus Publishing:

“Set in northeastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, The Tides of Time: A Nova Scotia Book of Seasons paints vivid portraits of contemporary labourers whose harvests mark the rhythms of the seasonal year. Each of the twelve monthly chapters tells the story of a labour unique to that month, including jobs like tuna fishing, cranberry farming, maple syrup production, sheep farming, beekeeping, lobster fishing, and foraging for wild mushrooms. Stewart revitalizes an older, contemplative view of the sacredness of time. In keeping with the genre of nature writing, her book offers a meticulous way of looking at the world as she blends first-hand observations of seasonal change with stories of the labourers. The Tides of Time offers a refuge from the rush of urban life. It turns to the seasons, rural life and literature for an alternative mode of time, which is fluid, rhythmic, and gentle. The simplicity is there—close at hand.”