We invite you to the annual Conference of the Contemporary!

Schedule for the day:

11:30: Welcome!

12:00-1:30: Panel 1: The Position of the Author

  • Rafael Fecury Braga: Truth, Fiction and Self in Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own
  • Sophia DeBruin: The Unsaid: Denying Responsibility in Descriptions of Linguicide
  • Daniel Konopelski: Soren Kierkegaard’s idea of Community in Philosophy and Colonialism

2:15-3:30: Panel 2: Games & Gods!

  • James Lee: Walter Benjamin and Dungeons and Dragons: Approaching play through the “Literary Game”
  • Kyle Hardy: Leave the Capitol: The Production of Weird Truth in Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan

3:35-4:50: Panel 3: Bodies of Change

  • Zoe Coulter: Asexual Interpretations of Bodies and Pleasures: Destabilizing the Biopolitical Categories of Sexuality
  • Meredith Bullock: Davis and Foucauldian Docility in Women’s Institutions
  • Eleanor Peebles: the Heterotopic Arctic and Victorian Morality of the Body