Graphic of a Microscope

Hosted by the King’s History of Science and Technology Society

In the 17th century, microscopes opened up an entirely new world for scientists to explore. Even today, with hundreds of years of research and the development of microscopes powerful enough to observe phenomena at an atomic level, we tend to forget how much is really going on beneath the reach of our everyday gaze. Microscopes help broaden our horizons — join the Experiments Club with special guests Dr. Kathryn Morris and Dr. Eve Roberts on Wednesday, November 28th at 7:00PM in the President’s Lodge where we will be talking about the history and uses of microscopes, and trying some out for ourselves!

Dr. Kathryn Morris is a professor of Early Modern Studies at the University of King’s College. A great deal of her classes intersect with the History of Science and Technology, as she teaches classes on early modern science-fiction, early-modern scientists, and microscopes.

Dr. Eve Roberts is an academic physician and philosopher of science. She worked on such medical subjects as hepatology, paediatrics and Wilson disease before getting an MA and PHD in Philosophy at Dalhousie. Her experience as a physician directly informs her philosophical research, which investigates the epistemology of non-hypothesis driven science in biology.