In the earliest days of the college, residence students gathered to eat the main meal of the day in a formal setting. Much like today, the students all wore academic gowns and heard traditional Latin graces, and etiquette rules were in place. These basic, simple formalities have remained relatively unchanged for some 200 years.Formal Meal is held once a semester, providing an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to dine together and listen to guest speakers. Attendees wear their academic gowns, and students stand until the head table arrives and the Latin grace has been said (or sung!). The gowns, the grace and the ritual have become familiar territory for King’s students and alumni; an essential part of what it means to be part of the King’s community.

Formal meal will take place on Wednesday, September 27 after Matriculation.

Residence Students can pick up tickets from September 21-24 in Prince Hall.

Day Students can get complimentary tickets from the Day Students Society (follow their Instagram for more info).

Gowns will be available on the evening of the event in the Senior Common Room.