The Covidean Everyday

Sunday, May 30 at 4 p.m.

COVID is not the only plague—disinformation is also a virus. Through its media coverage, we have never before been so connected on a single issue, but we have also never been as isolated from one another. How do we understand all the information coming at us everyday? How do we know what or who to trust? And how do we navigate this paradox of being so connected and so disconnected from each other? In The Covidean Everyday, the Director of the King’s School of Journalism, Tim Currie, will be leading us through the tricky media landscape that COVID has created. And, given that one of the oldest ways communities have coped with plagues was through songs and poetry, we are excited to host Halifax Poet Laureate Sue Goyette who will be talking to us about art and expression in a time of social isolation. And who knows? Sue might even recite some lockdown poems for us…  Join our webinar at 4 p.m. AST on May 30 to tune into the riveting final installment of Plague Sundays!

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