This year, the King’s community has free access to a collection of Atlantic Canadian accessible ebooks and audiobooks through Books by Heart, a program being tested for a Nova Scotia Health hospital department. Through this program, we’re also exploring opportunities to learn more about other areas of digital accessibility, such as social media. Does everyone get to “socialize” on social media? What can you do to help?

Twenty-two percent of people across the country live with disabilities. Join us for this webinar hosted by Books by Heart and learn how to make sure the content you share can be equally understood and appreciated by all.

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In this practical, open-level online workshop we’ll cover topics like:

  • What happens when someone using assistive technology like a screen reader encounters inaccessible posts on social media
  • How to use built-in accessibility features on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok
  • The difference between alt text versus image descriptions, and how to write each
  • How to design (more) accessible graphics
  • What are tone indicators and why are they helpful
  • The difference between captions and video descriptions, and how to add them on different social media platforms
  • Best practices for using emojis, hashtags, and GIFs

Facilitator Caroline Kovesi is the Awareness and Education Coordinator for the Government of Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Directorate. She holds an MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University and is passionate about digital accessibility and communications. Her prior experience in the publishing industry includes work for Between the Lines, Dundurn Press, and the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association. In her spare time she enjoys reading, puzzling, following disabled creators on social media, and (re)watching Buffy.