Black Student Advising Centre (BSAC) invites you to “The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Peacemaking & Justice Making in a Time of Trouble part 2”.

The 2023 MLK event is a continuation of our series “Black Lives Matter”.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate for peace, even in times of trouble. In his writings and speeches, we see that even though he lived in volatile times, he kept the faith and believed in the power of humanity to overcome all evil. Dr. King, and the many other people who formed part of the Civil Rights Movement, were intentional in creating the conditions for justice. In their work they made room for what did not previously exist; and in the process compelled the dominant class to see themselves as the tyrants that they were.

Today, we live in similarly turbulent times.  We continue to see a rise of White Supremacist sentiment across the world we see evidence of impending trouble. Yet, as the Civil Rights Movement has taught us, justice does not come to those who wait. We must be intentional in not only advocating its conditions, but its peaceful implementation.

Come join us as we engage in a discussion about what it means to create a space for peace and justice in a time of trouble.

Mr. Robert Wright
Dr. El Jones
Dr. Chike Jeffers
Dr. Isaac Saney
Dr. Terrence Lewis

Ms. Tiffany Gordon

Entertainment by
Emmanuel Solomon

Light Refreshments will be served | Masks Required