Final Report – Supports for the King’s Community

Final Report - Supports for the King's Community

The University of King’s College is committed to providing resources and supports to members of our community impacted by the Independent Review and Final Report. Some of the supports outlined reflect the university’s existing network of support staff and other roles with an element of care (“Campus Supports”). Other supports are being proactively introduced to address the distinct community needs anticipated around the release of the Final Report. The University will continue to provide responsive supports as needs arise. A comprehensive outline of external supports and resources available in the community (including online and in-person supports) is also provided.

Any member of the King’s community seeking supports not reflected in these documents or with questions or feedback about the supports available is invited to contact:

Sexual Health and Safety Officer Jordan Roberts – jordan.roberts@ukings.ca
Vice President Sarah Cliftsarah.clift@ukings.ca
Dean of Students Katie Merwinkatie.merwin@ukings.ca

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