Residence & Meal Plan

Residence options (2017/2018)

Single - Alexandra Hall

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,689

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,791

Total: $7,480

Single - Bays/Angels' Roost (4th Flr.)

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,812

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,917

Total: $7,729

Single - North Pole Bay (non 4th Flr.)

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,750

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,854

Total: $7,604

Single - North Pole Bay (small)

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,719

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,823

Total: $7,542

Double - Alexandra Hall

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,268

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,358

Total: $6,626

Double - Bays

Fall (Due 18 Sept 2017): $3,309

Winter (Due 19 Jan 2018): $3,401

Total: $6,710

Caution deposit (refundable)

Fall: $300

Winter: $0

Total: $300

Gown deposit ($90 refundable)

Fall: $100

Winter: $0

Total: $100

In addition to the above fees, residence students must participate in one of the on-campusmeal plan options.

Meal plan options (2017/2018)

Due to our new food service provider, meal plan options and costs are subject to change.

All residence students must have a meal plan. Day students can also have a meal plan. You have four meal plan options to choose from:

Freedom Meal Plan

Includes nine free guest passes per term, which cannot be used until after the term due date.

Fall: $2,003

Winter: $2,060

Total: $4,063

19-Meal Plan

Includes three free guest passes per term, which cannot be used until after the term due date.

Fall: $1,777

Winter: $1,827

Total: $3,604

14-Meal Plan

Fall: $1,656

Winter: $1,702

Total: $3,358

10-Meal Plan

Fall: $1,562

Winter: $1,605

Total: $3,167

Meals can be consumed in any three of the six meal periods (early breakfast, breakfast, continental breakfast, lunch, lite lunch or dinner), with the exception of the Freedom Meal Plan where one meal can be consumed during each of the daily available meal periods.

Changing your Meal Plan

You can change your meal plan by visiting the King’s Student Accounts Office. For the fall term, change forms received prior to 8 September 2017 will be applied retroactively to the first day of residence. For forms received between 8 September and 18 September 2017, the change will take effect on the day the form is received by the Student Accounts Office. While you can upgrade your meal plan any time during the year, the deadline to reduce your meal plan for the year is 18 September 2017.

Non-residence meal plans (staff, faculty and day students only)

5 Breakfasts: Total Cost: $28.75

5 Lunches: Total Cost: $42

5 Dinners: Total Cost: $55

30 Breakfasts: Total Cost: $175

30 Lunches includes 1 Guest Pass: Total Cost: $252

30 Dinners includes 1 Guest Pass: Total Cost: $329

Big 50 includes 2 Guest Passes: Total Cost: $447

Meal plans are valid throughout the entire academic year, but are non-transferable from one year to the next. They are non-refundable and all prices listed above include taxes. Sodexo accepts cash, debit, MasterCard, and Visa.