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Life at King’s: Toronto student perspectives

Life at King's: Toronto student perspectives

Erin Applebe

“If you want to belong, be cared for, respected, encouraged and challenged, King’s is the place for you. The professors become your friends, they know each student as an individual, they care about you and your work and want to see you improve.

King’s is a small community with a wide reach. As a student at King’s you also get to be a part of Dalhousie. You can take classes across both campuses but nevertheless can return to the humble quad and smaller class sizes and to peers that know your name. They will ask you how you’ve been, offer words of advice or encouragement and you’ll know you belong. You are welcomed and within the first week you know students from each grade who will soon become your close friends.

I chose King’s in part because I grew up in Australia and missed the ocean. Halifax is the perfect size city, as coming from Toronto there is no crazy driving, you can walk most places and if not you can take the bus. It is a mix between a city and town, just perfect. The streets aren’t crowded and the Maritime folks are friendly.

This place is like no other, it has a certain magic and perhaps it’s Hogwartian but perhaps it’s just King’s.

Take your broomstick and give flying a shot because if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on a once in a lifetime experience with some very special people, in a very special place.”

Katie Lawrence

“My name is Katie Lawrence and I came to the University of King’s College from the drama program at Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto. I chose King’s because I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, and I liked the community atmosphere a small college would provide. The King’s Foundation Year Program (FYP) allowed me to read and contemplate many important texts of the western canon, and improve my writing through regular essay assignments. Further, FYP has made me think differently.

Before this year I had never read philosophy or scripture, and I was unaccustomed to tackling complicated questions concerning the human condition, mortality, and love. I am leaving this year with a new understanding of the western identity, from antiquity to modernity, and the profound desire to continue studying at King’s next year in the Contemporary Studies Program.

Additionally, I love to act, and I was thrilled to learn about the King’s Theatre Society (KTS), which produced eight shows this past year and facilitated a fringe theatre festival. Not only did the KTS provide me with the opportunity to perform in three shows and write/direct/act in a fringe production, but more importantly it allowed me to meet people outside of FYP and make new friends.

I was absolutely terrified to live away from home for the first time and move out east, but I have loved my first year here in Halifax and I can’t speak of King’s highly enough. King’s attracts an incredibly unique and diverse group of people, the campus is welcoming and friendly, and Halifax is exquisite. FYP has helped me cultivate a thoughtful mind and an open heart, but King’s has given me friendship, love, and joy!”