A message following the attack at the University of Waterloo

A message following the attack at the University of Waterloo

Content Note: This message discusses gender-based violence.

Dear students and colleagues,

The news that a violent attack was perpetrated yesterday on students and faculty in a class at the University of Waterloo is sickening and heartbreaking. On behalf of President Lahey and the entire King’s community, I extend the deepest care and concern for the community at the University of Waterloo, especially to those who were injured and all who witnessed this terrible act.

It is now being reported that the class targeted was a philosophy course on gender issues, and police are investigating this as a hate-motivated incident relating to gender identity and its expression. In the strongest possible terms, King’s condemns this attack and affirms the right for all to participate in society in safety and without fear of discrimination on the basis of their expression of gender, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, race or religion.

Members of the King’s community experiencing distress in relation to this news are invited to contact Sexual Health & Safety Officer Jordan Roberts. Jordan is available to support members of the community around sexualized violence, gender identity, sexual orientation, safer sex and healthy relationships. Jordan can provide trauma-informed active listening and help individuals decide what avenues and supports are best for them. Jordan can be reached by e-mail, phone call, or text. All communication is confidential. jordan.roberts@ukings.ca / 902-229-6123.

Sarah Clift


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