Alumna Taylor’s new book opens conversation on sex trafficking

Alumna Taylor's new book opens conversation on sex trafficking

Author Wanda Taylor (BJ ’08) has delved into harrowing subject matter for her third book, a novel about sex trafficking entitled Ride or Die. Based on real-life stories, the novel chronicles a Nova Scotia teen who is forced into the sex trade and suffers physical and emotional abuse as she plots her escape.

“Writing this book forced me to step back and take a good look at what is happening right under our noses, and how many people remain woefully unaware,” says Taylor.

“And because people equate the devastatingly horrible act of sex trafficking (those forced into the trade) with sex workers (adults who willingly choose it as a profession) we unfairly demonize a population that is already stigmatized, and alienate the victims who truly need our help.”

In addition to her writing, Taylor has a background in social work and lectures on social justice and human rights issues.

“I am hopeful that after reading this book, audiences will be inspired to begin a dialogue that further examines the main character’s experiences.”

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