Band featuring King’s students will livestream ‘synth-pops for the whole family’

Band featuring King’s students will livestream 'synth-pops for the whole family'

SUGARLOOP©, a Kingston-and-Halifax-based synth-pop band and manufacturer of delectable ear-candy, has emerged from the lab to perform for the masses this Thursday, July 30, at 7 p.m. ET.

Comprised of King’s students Arden Rogalsky, Tim Lapp, Dhyani Frost, and Michael Kishchuk, SUGARLOOP© ‘fuses the theoretical and the real through an investigative practice based upon a commitment to the basic needs of the heart.’

While Thursday’s forty-minute set will be performed live for a small in-person audience in Arden’s backyard, the event will also be livestreamed on YouTube for listeners of all ages. The band hopes in particular that their songs will find an audience with King’s students — and STEM students looking to brush up on some laboratory safety basics.

LISTEN: SUGARLOOP© on bandcamp

Arden Rogalsky, founder and creative consultant of SUGARLOOP© and a fourth-year History of Science and Technology (HOST) and Classics student, has incorporated elements of his HOST classes into his songwriting. “We’re trying to return to the Ptolemaic union of science and music. This is the first step towards bringing the quadrivium back”, he says, as he removes his safety goggles.

The band has previously performed in their hometown of Kingston for a holiday concert, inspired by sugarsweet snowflakes and visitations from the sugarplum fairy. The SUGARLOOP© associates are eager to emerge from the lab once again, with new sonic recipes in tow that are sure to satiate their shareholders.

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