Board Chair Doug Ruck, BA’72, QC, coming to lunch in the lodge

Board Chair Doug Ruck, BA’72, QC, coming to lunch in the lodge

Lunch in the Lodge is an event hosted several times each semester by King’s President William Lahey. King’s students who RSVP get to head to the President’s Lodge to dine, chat with an inspiring guest (always a King’s alumnus), and pet our campus canine, Casey.

The next Lunch in the Lodge happens Nov. 2 with guest Doug Ruck, BA’72, QC, Chair of King’s Board of Governors. For a sample of what the conversation with Doug might entail, check out this Q&A, then email kathy.miller@ukings.ca to book your seat.

1. What do you like about being Chair of King’s Board of Governors?

It’s a marvellous opportunity to work with individuals who willingly offer their skills, knowledge and experience to establish and promote a clear vision and strategic direction for King’s.

I had also thought that as Chair of the Board my team was guaranteed to win the annual alumni golf tournament but, as evident from this year’s results, someone neglected to send the memo to the organizers.

2. Why did you choose to study and practice law?

My interest in law was fuelled, at least in part, by reading about the careers of such pantheonic civil rights figures as Thurgood Marshall (the first African American appointed to the US Federal Supreme Court), who argued the landmark case of Brown v Board of Education. I came to appreciate that by understanding and utilizing the law, a legal framework could be established that altered the manner in which issues were considered while also establishing long-term legal precedence that could foster changes within society and open doors for those who for far too long had been relegated to second-class status.

3. How do you typically spend your lunch hour?

Recently, I have spent my lunch hours attempting to feed my one-year-old grandson which means, by default, I will generally eat a variation of what he is having or perhaps, more accurately, I will wear whatever he is eating.

4. What conversations would you like to have with King’s students over lunch?

Momentarily setting aside such matters as job prospects and future employment, what is it that students hope to achieve or acquire through a university education, in general, and from attending King’s, in particular?

5. Is there anything people should know about you that they don’t?

One of my favourite art styles is Japanese woodblock printing.

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