Commemorate Indigenous History Month and enjoy some great Indigenous reads from Books by Heart

Commemorate Indigenous History Month and enjoy some great Indigenous reads from Books by Heart

It’s Indigenous History Month in Canada, a time to recognize, commemorate and celebrate the rich history, culture and resilience of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. King’s is looking forward to housing some of the athletes competing in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in our residences next month. The NAIG will be an exciting opportunity for Nova Scotians to see Indigenous excellence from across the continent on display and learn more about Indigenous cultures.

If you’re interested in getting ready for the games by reading some books by Indigenous authors, the Books by Heart Collection offers a number of relevant titles and all for free until August.

Check out the Indigenous books in the Books by Heart collection…free until August.


book cover of Warrior Life  

Warrior Life by Pamela Palmater

A non-fiction collection of anti-colonial writing that addresses a range of Indigenous issues and makes their complex legal and political implications accessible to the public, acting as a rallying cry to forge a path toward a decolonial future through resistance and resurgence.



Book cover I place you into the fire

I Place You Into The Fire by Rebecca Thomas

A poetry collection from former poet-laureate of Halifax that is at once a meditation on navigating life and love as a second-generation Residential School survivor, a lesson in unlearning, and a rallying cry for Indigenous justice, empathy and equality.




book cover Inuit family seated outside shelter


Inuit Quajimajatuqangit – Edited by Joe Karetak, Frank Tester & Shirley Tagalik

A non-fiction collection of contributions by respected Inuit Elders seeking to preserve important knowledge and tradition and providing an Inuit perspective on how we relate to each other and the environment.



Book cover of Crow Gulch indistinct image


Crow Gulch by Douglas Walbourne-Gough

A poetry collection that reflects on the legacy of a community that sat on the shore of the Bay of Islands, sifting “through archival memory and family accounts, resurrecting story and conversation, to patch together a history of a people and place.”



Book Cover

The Reconciliation Manifesto by Arthur Manuel

Leading Indigenous rights activist Arthur Manuel offers a radical challenge to Canada and Canadians, questioning virtually everything non-Indigenous Canadians believe about their relationship with Indigenous peoples. The Reconciliation Manifesto documents how governments are attempting to reconcile with Indigenous peoples without touching the basic colonial structures that dominate and distort the relationship.


Book cover Land-Water-Sky - overhead view of indistinct island surrounded by water

Land-Water-Sky by Katlia

A novel that traverses space and time to give us a unique perspective on what the world might look like today if Indigenous legends walked amongst us, disguised as humans.





Book cover Powwow Summer - illustration of Indigenous woman's head wearing one feather earring

Powwow Summer by Nahanni Shingoose

A coming-of-age novel about a part-Ojibwe, part-white teenage girl who moves to Winnipeg and reconnects with many of her cultural traditions, while struggling to resolve the complexities of her identity.





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