Community statement regarding additional charges against Dr. Wayne Hankey

Community statement regarding additional charges against Dr. Wayne Hankey

Warning: The following communication discusses sexualized violence and criminal charges of sexual and indecent assault.

To the King’s community and the wider public,

I write to acknowledge that further criminal charges have been brought against former professor Dr. Wayne Hankey. Halifax Police announced today that they have charged Wayne Hankey with one count of sexual assault in relation to an incident in 1982 and one count of indecent assault in relation to incidents that occurred between 1977 and 1979. We respect the criminal justice process, the trust that the complainants have placed in this system, and the rights of all those involved. We also continue to acknowledge the strength and courage that all complainants have marshalled to proceed through this system.

King’s established an independent review on February 1. On March 4, we confirmed the appointment of Janice Rubin and her law firm as the independent reviewers. These new charges fall within the scope of that review. You can read the terms of the review here. The work of the review is now underway. Members of our community have been invited by Janice Rubin, the lead reviewer, to contact her with any information that may assist her work. This invitation is wide enough to include other people beyond our immediate college community as required. I invite anyone reading this who feels they have a relevant contribution, to contact Ms. Rubin at ukings@rubinthomlinson.com.

I wish also to acknowledge the article about King’s and Dr. Hankey that recently appeared in the Chronicle Herald and the painful experiences that members of our community shared in that article. The subject matter of that article is also within the scope of the independent review already established.

More will be said after our independent review is complete, when we have the benefit of the reviewer’s findings and recommendations. For today, we acknowledge these additional developments, confirm that the existing terms of the independent review are broad enough to encompass these further developments, and recognize those who have had the courage to come forward.

We encourage any member of the King’s community who has experienced sexualized violence or who has found this news difficult, to come forward to get the support you need, knowing that you will be treated with dignity and respect. King’s Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Officer, Jordan Roberts, is at King’s and available to provide confidential services and support to community members who need it. We also have a comprehensive list of additional support services here, which includes the stand alone comprehensive Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy King’s adopted in 2018.

The University of King’s College is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for everyone; one that is free of discrimination, harassment and all forms of violence.


William Lahey
President and Vice-Chancellor

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